Kombucha has ancient origins dating back 2000 years.  Since then is has been globally recognized from culture to culture in providing a healthy refreshment.

Kombucha is Healthy
This potent ferment is recognized worldwide for its detoxifying energizing and overall health-supportive properties.  Drink in the morning for a healthy energy boost.  Drink in the afternoon instead of a coffee break.  Drink in the evening as a cocktail with friends!

Kombucha is a Living Drink

It is filled with probiotics.  A variety of tiny microbes working in concert with your major systems- digestive, immune, and energy - putting balance to your system.

Kombucha Contains
Probiotics, polyphenols, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Organic enzymes, and vital Amino Acids

How to Drink

Served best cold, this can be consumed on a daily basis.  4-8 oz. a day is recommended for adults.  2-4 oz. a day for children, this is a great way to get their probiotics!  The base of Kombucha is tea, if you or your child are sensitive to caffeine it's best drunk in the morning or afternoon and not on a empty stomach.